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Eating Machine

Eating Machine

Even thought it’s a bit after the fact I feel I must post my top ten list of comments said to me while pregnant. Stay tuned for my top ten comments said about my baby.

10.” You look really big.”

9. Conversation with person who shall remain nameless:

Noname: “Well you know… it could be twins”

Me: “No I had an ultrasound and there is definitely only one baby in there”

Noname: “Well you never know!”

Me (In my head): “Really???? I actually do know!!”

8. “Were you trying to get pregnant?”

7. “It is only going to get worse.”

6. Said to me when I was almost 7 months pregnant. “Are you pregnant?”

5. “Are you eating again?”

4. “Wow you are really big. Like your belly is really big.”

3. “You’re looking swell” (this was said to me 3 times, all by the same person)

2. Bumped into someone I knew at a restaurant here’s how the conversation went:

Someone I knew: “Salli what are you doing here?”

Me: “Going to eat some dinner”

Someone I knew: “Ohhh are you here eating for two?”

Me: “Nope, just eating dinner”

And my favorite from the entire nine months….

1. “Do you just feel like you’re an eating machine?”

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