Not a Bucket List

Not a Bucket List

This will look like a bucket list but it isn’t because that seems a little morbid and I don’t want to call it that. I also think it pretty much goes without saying that I want to do these things before I die because I can’t really do them when I’m dead right?? So I’m not going to call it a Bucket List. I think I’ll go with Salli’s List of Fun (SLOF). I feel like if I write them down somewhere they might actually happen. Here it is – the stuff I want to do. Also FYI only this isn’t a complete list and it is in no particular order.

Learn to surf
Learn to wakeboard
Go snow shoeing
Sing Karaoke
Go clam digging
Go to DisneyWorld (this one is a shocker huh? hard to believe I haven’t been there)
Win a jackpot on a slot machine
Be on a game show (preferably Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right)
Go snowmobiling
Go jet skiing
Go parasailing
Run a half marathon
Bike the STP in 1 day
Live in a house on Lake Washington
Go fishing in Alaska

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  1. I think that you should come surfing with me sometime! Oh and I’d totally go karaoke with you. I’ve only done that once and it was pretty funny. Actually, I’d do a LOT of those things with you, they sound like fun!

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