The other week we drove up to go look at Snoqualmie Falls. I don’t really remember ever being there but it could have happened once upon a time. Maybe in 6th grader on the way to camp Waskowitz for the week? Speaking of 6th grade camp that was a horrible week. Not because the camp was horrible but because I had serious homesickness issues and square dancing issues. Why would you even make 6th graders square dance with a member of the opposite sex? During the square dance the pin from one of my badges got attached to the guy I was dancing with. Mortifying. I’m over it. Obviously.

Ok back on topic. The falls were beautiful! Hunter was in the backpack and the first thing he said when he saw the falls was “wah-wer!!” his word for water. It was a cute moment. I’m thankful for cute moments like that, they help me through the not so cute moments which are difficult and sometimes more frequent. We looked around a bit but were disappointed to find out that the trail down to the river is closed for renovation until 2013. Big bummer. So there wasn’t all that much to look at. Lots of “wah-wer” and mist and such but that was about it.

After the falls we went and “hiked” around Tiger Mountain. I use the term loosely because it was more of a walk through a muddy trail with a slight incline. It was really pretty and it was nice to get out for the morning!

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  1. In 6th grade we definitely went to Snoqualmie Falls. I remember hiking around it a bit. Also, totally agree on the square dancing. Most 6th graders aren’t mature enough to handle that (especially the boys).

    Also, remember this trip a few years ago? http://ceallaighgirl.smugmug.com/Washington/Snoqualmie-2006/1369349_fJ9oJ#64594688_GfLyS You definitely saw the falls from the top then. 🙂

    It’s probably good they’re renovating the trail. A few years ago, mum and dad and I were hiking up the trail in the winter and a girl was jogging down it and water kinda flowing over the trail and she hit the ice and sprained or broke her ankle (I had to run up to the gift shop and ask them to call an ambulance for her). Definitely not safe for ordinary people and it’s definitely supposed to be an ordinary people trail.

  2. You are right Deb we did go up to the Falls and ride the train around – that was fun!

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