It’s Here!

It’s Here!

The bag of crap came today! Yipee! It is much better than the last one that I got. Here’s what was in it:

– a flying helicopter batman toy

– reusable strawberry tote for grocery shopping

– 3 pet zoom brushes

– a bluetooth headset

– 2 leak frogs (apparently help alert you for water leaks)

– a pink laptop cooler

Not too shabby!

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  1. A flying helicopter batman toy? That sounds like fun! Laptop coolers are good to have. Joel’s netbook kept randomly shutting down and we finally figured out it was basically just because it was overheating so I had him put a book under it and now it doesn’t have a problem. A laptop cooler would be even better, though I don’t think he’d go for pink. That’s neat about the leak frogs, good to know about leaks! Either way, this is way better than last time. I’m sad I missed out on the Bag of Crap.

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