I am finally getting around to posting some Easter pictures! The day before Easter we went to a church in our neighborhood to do an egg hunt. I had high aspirations for Hunter and we even did a few practice rounds at home before we left. We got to the church and listened to a short message then headed off to the hunt. Hunter was so distracted (unfortunately we didn’t practice with distractions at home) that he didn’t grab for any eggs. I tried to help him and point out eggs but he didn’t care. I put two in his basket just so he could have something.

After the egg hunt there were games to play with prizes. It was such a beautiful day and such fun to see all of the kids playing the games. Hunter still didn’t really understand the games but he tried his best. I am thinking that next year when he is 2.5 he will understand a little more what is going on.

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  1. Wow, your hair is getting long, it must be a long time since I’ve seen you! And Hunter! He’s getting so big, wow! And boy does he look like some childhood photos of you and your brothers, hehe! Adorable.

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