September Morn

September Morn

September morn we danced until the night became a brand new day… Anyone know that song? Ahhh a classic from your favorite and mine Neil Diamond. Well maybe not your favorite but definitely mine.

My inspiration for today came from Deborah the Great who suggested I write about September. So here it goes. Below you will find a list about my thoughts on the month of September.

1. September usually has lovely weather where I live.

2. I used to not like the month because it meant back to school. But really that was all an act (up until college) because I liked school.

3. Now I don’t even notice what month it is because I’m a contributing member of society. That’s right. I have a job.

4. September makes me think of apples and pencils. Must be that school thing.

5. Grandma’s birthday is in September.

6. If I were to associate a color with the month of September I would choose yellow. Don’t ask me why because I won’t tell. Actually I don’t know why.

7. September is the only month that starts with S. My name also starts with S so that is neat.

8. I’m not really sure what the birthstone for September is. Anyone?

9. Sept means seven which is strange because it’s actually the ninth month of the year. Apparently September is the seventh month of the Roman calendar. Thanks Wikipedia.

10. Ok I had to look it up. The birthstone is sapphire. That is my favorite non-diamond stone!

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  1. September is one of the best months because we get the greatest weather. You get those crisp clear mornings and warm afternoons with golden sunshine, and the leaves start turning colour (they are outside my window already) and it’s just perfect. And during the day I can go outside and it’s not so busy because the tourists are mostly gone (except for old people, who travel year-round) and kids are back in school, and living in my town, that’s kind of a nice thing.

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