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Pool Day

Pool Day

This afternoon Hunter and I went to the pool my parents belong to with my mom to do some swimming, it was super fun! Hunter had never been to the pool before unless you count our bathtub. Which really isn’t a pool. He has always liked water except for the time he face planted in the tub with Patrick and I both sitting there. Woops. Don’t know how that happened. Does that disqualify us as parents of the year?

Anyway the pool was so much fun! The second I started moving around with Hunter in the pool he started kicking like a frog it was awesome. I think that he really thought he was propelling himself even though I was doing all of the work. He splashed and kicked for quite awhile it was very fun!

I wish that I had a picture to post but I don’t because I’m lame and forgot the camera. I’m not really a take pictures person. That’s Patrick’s department and he was at work.

Another fun tidbit about my day is that after having the Food Network on all morning I thought I’d try and be fancy by creating my own salad thing for lunch with (gasp) no recipe. It didn’t work out too hot for me. I mixed orzo (rice shaped pasta), white beans, lemon zest, lemon juice, feta cheese, italian dressing, salt and pepper into a bowl. It wasn’t so good. It might have been better with some tomatoes or something. I really shouldn’t experiment. Recipes are created for people like me. I don’t have a picture of this either – if I did you might throw up a little bit in your mouth because not only did it not taste that good but it didn’t look all that good!

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September Morn

September Morn

September morn we danced until the night became a brand new day… Anyone know that song? Ahhh a classic from your favorite and mine Neil Diamond. Well maybe not your favorite but definitely mine.

My inspiration for today came from Deborah the Great who suggested I write about September. So here it goes. Below you will find a list about my thoughts on the month of September.

1. September usually has lovely weather where I live.

2. I used to not like the month because it meant back to school. But really that was all an act (up until college) because I liked school.

3. Now I don’t even notice what month it is because I’m a contributing member of society. That’s right. I have a job.

4. September makes me think of apples and pencils. Must be that school thing.

5. Grandma’s birthday is in September.

6. If I were to associate a color with the month of September I would choose yellow. Don’t ask me why because I won’t tell. Actually I don’t know why.

7. September is the only month that starts with S. My name also starts with S so that is neat.

8. I’m not really sure what the birthstone for September is. Anyone?

9. Sept means seven which is strange because it’s actually the ninth month of the year. Apparently September is the seventh month of the Roman calendar. Thanks Wikipedia.

10. Ok I had to look it up. The birthstone is sapphire. That is my favorite non-diamond stone!

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