For most of my life I have wanted to go on a game show. More specifically Wheel of Fortune. I have no idea why. I’m not really that good of the puzzle solver, I think really it’s about spinning the wheel and the chance of winning!

I noticed that the Wheelmobile was coming to the Emerald Queen Casino so this was my chance! Patrick and I went down there and let’s just say it didn’t go well. At all. We headed down there and got in line. While in line we filled out applications and soon went into their big concert room and put or applications in a big bin. There was a tiny Wheel puzzle on the stage which looked kind of cute but a little cheesy. There were tons of people there and not the classiest group to say the least. We waited for people to file in and take their seats. Then the show started. The host guy and Vanna wanna be seemed like they had consumed massive amounts of caffine and proceeded to bounce (literally) around the stage to get people pumped up. It was nuts. They called names out of the big bin of applications 5 at a time to play a mini game on stage and kind of do a quick interview to see if they might be a good contestant.  The mini game they did was pretty much taking turns guessing letter (no spinning of anything) and seeing if they could solve the puzzle. The Vanna wanna be would write the letters to the puzzle on dry erase tiles. Classy. Probably about 30 people made it up total. I was not one of them and I was actually ok with it. I felt like the whole experience was pretty bad. It didn’t match what I’ve seen on tv for Wheel of Fortune. I don’t know if that’s because I was at a Casino in Tacoma or what. Needless to say we left really quickly. I was disappointed that the experience wasn’t better and it kind of made me not want to watch the show anymore.

Here are a few fun highlights of the people I saw there:

– drunk guy 2 rows in front of us who stood on his chair and tried to predict the prizes the contestants were going to win

– lady who befriended me in line who…

1. said that people named Salli bring her luck

2. was engaged but didn’t know if she was going to marry him

3. kept telling “jokes” and would proceed to hit me on the arm

4. said she wasn’t a gambler but said “oh where’s that slot machine with the pigs, I love that one”

5. said she had to go to the bathroom really bad and asked if I went pee all the time because I’ve had a baby

– lady who got called on stage who said she won the coat she was wearing and then when asked about it by the host couldn’t figure out where she won it, why she won it, and what the logo said

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  1. Hmm, maybe you just need to find a game that is right for you. We’ll have to have a brainstorm for that.

    That’s so weird that someone would be engaged to a guy but not know if she’s going to marry him. I wonder how long she’s been engaged to him!

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