Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

A little post about transportation related annoyances…

Planes – flying with the American public has to be one of the worst experiences ever. Here are some of mine:

– 6:30am flight to the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland) where girl behind us had stinky feet. She was wearing flip flops and would scoot her stinky toes in and out of her sandals causing the smell to move around. I almostĀ vomited. Not the Happiest Flight on Earth.

– 6 hour flight to Kona HI where lady next to me ate massive amounts of Boston Baked Beans (the candy) and chips. She even did that thing where you lick your finger to dab up all the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Yuck.

– Friday night flight to Vegas. 3 drunk hoochies. Almost denied boarding. Sitting right behind me. Enough said.

Trains – next time I’m getting a sleeper car

Seattle to Montana with Mom and Brother:

– person in front and behind snored all night. They didn’t even have the courtesy to do it in unison. They alternated so it was like one big constant snore.

– a mom traveling with millions (ok I think 3 or 4) really energetic/annoying boys who every time they smelled something funny would say really loud (and then each brother would repeat) “It smells like horse pucky”

– too many delays, we could have driven there and back in the same time it took to get there

Automobiles – apparently they don’t check to see if you have a brain before issuing a license

people who drive 45 in the fast lane

– people who merge at 25

– people who don’t take a free right when they should

– currently my biggest annoyance is when the person in front doesn’t go when the light turns green. If you are in position #1 it is your job to have a rapid response off the line.

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  1. I have two to add to automobiles. It has particularly been driving me crazy since I moved to Victoria: people who don’t turn on their left-turn signal until they get to the place where they’re going to turn left. This town has a serious shortage of left-turn lanes and had I known AHEAD OF TIME they were going to turn left, I would have gotten in the right lane so that I wouldn’t be stuck there until the light turns red.

    The other one is people who when they’re making a left turn stay at the stop line instead of pulling into the intersection. If you pull into the intersection and then the light turns red, then you can at least get through that light and maybe even the person behind you and you’ll get through faster. It’s how you’re supposed to do things.

  2. Love it! Other car annoyances I have:

    -people who use turn signals like they’re a means of entitlement

    -people who don’t move over (when there is plenty of room in the next lane) when you are coming up on them because they’re doing 45 in the fast lane (grrr…)

    -people who do the speed limit :o)

    Love the blog, Salli! Looking forward to reading these!

  3. Salli, Just found your blog. Wanted to add to your planes.

    -Descending into Ketchikan the lady directly behind me was screaming bloody murder the whole time because she had a headache. They actually held everybody on the plane to let her out first…thank goodness.

    -Coming back from Boston the lady next to me was overweight. She refused the airplane snacks, but don’t worry, she had plenty of her own, 2 sandwiches and a moonpie-type thing. The two salami sandwiches smelled so gross and she didn’t once close her mouth when she chewed, and she smacked her lips with each bite. Then she ate the moonpie. Not only did she lick each finger upon finishing, she then turned the wrapper inside out and licked it too, then stuffed it in the seat pocket in front of her…eeewww!!

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