Generationally Speaking

Generationally Speaking

I’m pretty sure that I was born in the wrong generation. I was 20 years too late! I would have enjoyed living in simpler times… no cell phones, internet, and information about anything at the click of a button. Gone are the days of hunting through the card catalog at the library for the book you needed. The cars of the 60s were amazing (pretty sure I would have driven a ’65 red Mustang). I think most of all though I loved the music of the 60s. When I say love I mean love. I know the words to most of the songs and it really is my music preference. In our new car we have a free trial of satellite radio and I adore it. They not only have an all 60s station but an entire station dedicated to Elvis! It had made my drive to work much more enjoyable to say the least!

So I guess that maybe it’s a bit strong to say that I was born in the wrong generation but sometimes I feel that way.  Perhaps I will build a time machine (I’m sure I can find building plans on the internet) and head back to see what its like. The grass is always greener on the other side…

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  1. Not 100% the wrong generation. What would you do without your iPhone?

    I’m pretty sure I should have been born in the 20s. Mainly because I look REALLY good in 30s and 40s era clothes and I love the music of that era too. (Of course I’d have to be born in the 20s-ish to be a good age for the 30s or 40s.

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